New high-value revenue streams for procurement departments and suppliers.

Schedule video calls with the right contacts. 

Procurement Officer


“Real-time procurement data has massive monetary value in today’s marketplace. Using VPM we leverage our procurement data, and give new suppliers a shot at our business to create value for everyone.”

John Clancy, Technology Hardware Head of Procurement

How Does Vintro Procurement Marketplace (VPM) Work?


Procurement teams share real-time procurement needs with suppliers who meet their specifications.



Suppliers receive relevant live procurement needs sent directly to their inbox.



Suppliers select new opportunities and schedule video calls to pitch directly to procurement officers.


VPM makes connections based on real-time procurement needs.

I'm a Procurement Officer:

How can I create significant new revenue streams?

I'm a Supplier:

Tired of guessing what procurement teams need, and when they need it? Never again.