Vintro’s Mission

Our mission is to facilitate efficient and lucrative business all around the world by connecting procurement officers and suppliers based on clearly defined needs. Every day we earn the trust of our users to do just that.

People come up with ideas all day, every day. Ideas power the world. But without access to the people who can help support these ideas, they can quickly die. Most people don’t have the right network, nor do they have the time or money to waste flying around to meetings and conferences in order to find the right support.

At Vintro, we are business owners ourselves. We have been on countless emails, phone calls, and flights, trying to create the relationships we needed to start this company. We ourselves have wasted money and energy using inefficient methods of trying to reach the top people across all kinds of industries. Our own experiences convinced us that people everywhere should be able to connect and collaborate with one another easily and efficiently. It shouldn’t be about who you know – it should be about what you know and your drive to make it happen. Wasting time trying to get in touch with the right procurement officer, supplier, adviser, or partner is frustrating, and it’s inefficient. 

For most businesses, gaining proximity to power has been ineffective and practically impossible. 

Until now. 

We created Vintro so people who might normally never cross paths could connect and create amazing things for the world. Our mission is to level the playing field so no matter where you are – or who you are – you get the best shot at putting your idea into the world. We do this by making it easy and more cost-effective to connect with top procurement officers and industry leaders who can offer the kind of support you need to take your business to the next level: from new sales channels to mentors to strategic advice, our commitment is to curate a global network of decision makers who will support your business. When you have a great idea or are part of a business with an opportunity to pursue it, the people with resources should hear about it.      

We believe in a world where human potential is unlocked through human connection. These connections are the gateway to the substantive insights and guidance that any business needs to grow. 

What if ground-breaking medical tools never reached new markets because no one had contacts to bring the tools to market? What if a solution for mitigating climate change never reached consumers because no one could reach the right procurement officer? What if the next medical breakthrough was conceptualized but never made it to production because the right suppliers couldn’t be found? Our passion is to get rid of these what-ifs and to connect the people with ideas with the people that can help them grow.  

Vintro means that anyone with a powerful idea, and the drive to execute it, now has a shot.

Where there is a big idea – there is Vintro to help you grow it.

Where there are big dreams – there is Vintro to help you achieve them.